Spiritual Wellness 


What is spirituality? 

Spirituality is not religion. Most people discover their spirit (or God within)  through religious practice; thus, it is sometimes difficult to differentiate the two. Religion is not necessary to be spiritually well. Religion is one place people can go to build connection and community. Spiritual help is also available in communities of like-minded people doing healing work, such as 12-step programs or men/women's support groups.  Spirituality is our relationship with God, or a higher power, through our deep connection with self and interconnectedness with nature and others.

Spirituality allows you to discover and understand your truth through the perception of your heart. When we are practicing spirituality we are living congruently with our higher or true selves and in alignment with our purpose, experiencing self-development, connecting to God, higher power, higher self, collective conscious, or energy. Everything that we do is a matter of spirit. Our ability to work, parent children, run marathons, bake cakes, create love, sing, lead companies, and get out of bed is all a matter of spirit. Spirituality brings energy to our physical, mental, and emotional systems. When we are spiritually well we are in alignment with our calling and are consciously moving forward. 

As an Integrative Wellness Coach, I  support you in using your spiritual practice and belief to CREATE THE LIFE YOU ARE CALLED TO EXPERIENCE. 

It is in the balancing of your spirituality with your humanity that you will find immeasurable happiness, success, good health, and love.
— Steve Maraboli 

When we are spiritually unwell...

...we are out of balance. When we are spiritually unwell we do not have peace in our lives. It is in this place of darkness, unconsciousness, or un-enlightenment, that we experience anxiety, depression, mental illness,  limiting beliefs, separation, aloneness, and lack of purpose. In this place, we do not know what to do. This lack of harmony often results in physical, emotional and mental problems.  

when we are spiritually well...

Spiritual wellness results in the inner peace that accompanies living an honest and authentic life in which we are walking or acting from a place of congruency with true self or purpose, connectedness, wholeness. When we are spiritually whole we are able to give and receive unconditional love, community, strength and wholeness in all other systems.  

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