Well Woman Group

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Well Woman Group

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The Well Woman Group offers the benefits of integrative wellness coaching at a reduced rate and in a nurturing environment. This is the opportunity to address your unique needs, whether they be mental, physical, spiritual, or emotional, with a group of likeminded women who are ready to see change through conscious choice. These are women who are working to B. Well! Be prepared to learn to:

  • Be happy, well, and whole with new life skills

  • Set boundaries that serve you

  • Create balance in your personal life, home, and professional environment

  • Adult with your parents and other family members

  • Attract and maintain the healthy relationship you deserve

  • Manifest the career of your purpose

  • Maintain or create a healthy body and achieve physical wellness


Session Commitment:
I am Ready to B. Well!

Weekly sessions will run for 90-minutes. It is expected that all group members commit to their journey and each other by attending all sessions and participating in discussions. Group members who live in Charlotte will be provided a meeting location upon registration. Any member outside of the Charlotte area may join the group via Google Hangouts. We recommend you have a strong internet connection. If you are unsure about the strength of your internet connection, contact your internet provider to ensure you have sufficient bandwidth for video calling/streaming. 

As stated earlier, The Well Woman Group offers woman all the benefits of integrative wellness coaching at a reduced rate. There are two payment options for your 12 weekly sessions.

If you opt to pay for all sessions at once the rate will be:

  • $40 per session x 12 sessions = $480 ($120 discount)

Payment per session (due two business days prior)

  • $50 per session x 12 sessions = $600

We look forward to starting the Well Woman Group Summer Session the first week of June. Dr. Pinkney and the Team are committed to the well-being of each woman that presents herself to doing the work necessary for mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical wellness. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to Dr. Pinkney or a member of the B. Well Team. You can contact Leticia Ross at leticia@bwellcoach.com or Dr. Adrianne Pinkney at apinkney@bwellcoach.com

Together we will B. Well, B. Great, B. Healed, B. Whole