Life Skills for Young Adults

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Life Skills for Young Adults with Dr. P.png

Life Skills for Young Adults


Life Skills for Young Adults…Important Skills for Success in School & Life...With your favorite former Dean Dr. Adrianne R. Pinkney

This 5-day workshop series supports youth in learning critical skills necessary for success in life and school.

Date:  July 17th - 21st, 2017

Location: Langtree Lower School

Time: 1:00 pm -2:30pm

Age: Middle and High School Students

  • Monday: Goal Setting and Stress Management. Youth create measurable action plans for their upcoming school year. These include academic, personal and health goals. We also discuss ways to deal with stress and introduce youth to breathing exercises.
  • Tuesday: Mean Girls, Mean Boys, & Bullying. This week is all about relationships and how to curb common issues like bullying, teasing, and people “being mean” by doing and saying the right things. We empower youth to keep themselves physically, mentally and emotionally safe. 
  • Wednesday: When the Pressure is on. We help youth gain the skills to consciously choose and create friendships that support their overall well-being. This week is about peer-pressure and what to do when the pressure is on.
  • Thursday: Respect, Boundaries, and Saying No. This week is about relationships, romantic and platonic. We have honest conversations about how to “hold on to yourself” no matter what others are doing. We teach youth to understand and use their personal power.
  • Friday: Young ladies, Young men. This week is all about manners, hygiene and self-care. We divide the boys and the girls and have important conversations about how we treat our bodies and invest in our physical wellness.
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Dr. Adrianne R. Pinkney is an Integrative Wellness and Life Coach who works with individuals and groups on consciously creating loving lives that work.  Her strong background in education, specifically her year working as a Dean of Students, helped her realize that many youth have failed to learn important life skills that will place them on the path to mental, emotional, and physical wellness. This workshop is about helping students get the skills they need to create success in and out of school. The earlier they learn these critical skills the more likely they are to win in every area.