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Mindfulness and Meditation Workshop Series

  • Elemental Healing Charlotte 5200 Park Rd., Ste. 200-C Charlotte, NC 28209 United States (map)

Join us for 6- weeks of amazing activities in which you will learn to mindfully create the life you desire and deserve. Each week we meet from 6:30 -8:00 at Elemental Healing Charlotte

You lost your mind: The mind and behavior
June 14th
During this week, participants will work in a group setting to learn the difference between the brain and the mind. We will learn to consciously use our minds to make mindful decisions that serve our highest good. We will do a body scan activity that allows us to come into our bodies and minds in powerful ways.

Mindfully create a life that you love!

Session time: 90 minutes

What the hell am I thinking?: The mind and emotional health
June 21st
Participants will learn the impact of the mind, or our thoughts, on our feelings. Gaining control of your thoughts will allow you to create a life that feels good. This is a great session for those struggling with depression, anxiety, anger management, or feeling out of control. This week we will work in small groups to discuss our feelings and learn how to use our minds to make self-honoring decisions, no matter how we feel.  Expect a great yoga round and breathing exercise you can use throughout your life. Get ready to tell the truth!

You can mindfully create a life that feels great!

Session time: 90 minutes

Y’all gonna make me lose my mind: The mind and relationships
June 28th
The actions of our partners, friends, co-workers, and children can serve as stressors, especially if we do not know how to use our minds to create peace in any circumstance. Mindfulness offers great skills for those who are struggling to “hold on to themselves” in relationship with others. This week offers a powerful lecture on being mindful in relationships. Expect to flow with a great yoga and breathing practice.

When we use our minds in the presence of others, we can consciously create relationships that honor us and others!

Session time: 90 minutes

Stinkin’ Thinkin’: The mind & self-love, self-esteem, & self-respect
July 12th
Author Iyanla Vanzant said, “Everything that happens to you is a reflection of what you believe about yourself. We cannot outperform our level of self-esteem. We cannot draw to ourselves more than we think we are worth.” We are the creators of our lives, and we can only create what we believe we deserve. Together, we will explore our subconscious beliefs that limit us from experiencing all that is available in our relationships, careers, finances, health, etc…We will do a releasing and receiving guided meditation to open us to all that is possible.

Get ready to change your life for the better by changing YOU!

Session time: 90 minutes

Get your mind right: Healing the mind
July 19th
Many of our limiting beliefs have been with us before we even knew our own minds. Historical beliefs about who we are, familial beliefs about who mother/father said we are, societal beliefs about “people like me,”, can often affect what we think about ourselves. In this workshop, we learn to differentiate between our voices, and the voices of others. We will work individually and in groups to heal issues we’ve carried for years. This is a great workshop for those who are healing from childhood wounding. We can only heal, what we can feel.

We’re going deep within, so we can come out renewed!

Session time: 90 minutes

You’re always on my mind: Mindfulness, forgiveness & healing the past
July 26
It is time to let it go. This week we learn to mindfully practice forgiveness by choosing to forgive the past, others, ourselves, and our thoughts. We learn to flow with our minds so that we are empowered to stay present and experience the joy of the present moment without being hostage to the past. This POWERFUL session is a must for those who are still struggling to forgive. This session includes a supported break and release activity with an extended meditation.


Session time: 90 minutes