Mindfulness for corporations

 Mindfulness for Corporations offers meaningful ways to implement mindfulness practices to increase productivity and positivity in the workplace. These 3-workshops offer employees practical tips on how to breathe, focus, and reset in a fast-paced environment. They can be purchased individually or as a series.


Mindfulness at work:

Increasing Performance one breath at a time

This is an opportunity to learn the difference between the brain and the mind and recognize how mindfulness increases productivity and allows for healthier relationships. Understanding how to use your mind at work allows you to be consciously present, work through stress, accomplish tasks, and develop a growth-mindset. You will learn simple breathing exercises can be used to center yourself anytime and anyplace. Learn how to slow down, to speed up!

Session Time: 75-90 Minutes

“If you want it done right…”:

Discovering our Subconscious Thoughts about Work

This workshop goes deep. We offer an opportunity for individuals to excavate their thoughts about work and the ways in which beliefs affects behavior. We discuss lessons learned from our parents about work, from our first jobs, and from years of professional service. Some of these lessons include: “If you want it done right, do it yourself,” “No pain, no gain” and “It’s a dog-eat-dog world.” Many of those subconscious thoughts affect what we do, or do not do, each day we arrive at the office. Discovering our earliest beliefs about work creates an opportunity to consciously create new thoughts. In this workshop, we change our minds!

Session Time: 75-90 Minutes

Y’all Gonna Make me Lose my Mind”:

Mindfulness and Working with Others

The actions of our partners, friends, co-workers, and even our children can serve as stressors, especially if we do not know how to use our minds to create peace in any circumstance. This workshop offers an opportunity to honestly assess your thoughts about others and their abilities. These thoughts positively or negatively affect what you do, how you feel, and what you expect. This workshop allows participants to consider the possibility of changing their minds about the capabilities of others in order to create new relationships and experience positive outcomes. This is an excellent workshop to build community and create an affirming environment. Changing what you expect can change what you get!


Session Time: 75-90 Minutes

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