individual wellness coaching

How far will you go?

Imagine you wanted to run a mile in 7-minutes, so you decided to get a coach. Your coach would help you train by giving you exercises that made you stronger, creating a meal plan to fuel your body, and checking to ensure you were meeting your goals. Your coach will help you create a plan to realize your goals; but, the work will be yours. It is your race. You must prepare. Will you practice each day? Will you get the rest that is required? Will you eat the proper diet? Will you try again when you fail? Your coach will support, encourage and hold you accountable. The work is all yours.


Why individual Coaching?

Individual coaching offers a 1-on-1 setting in which you will work with a coach on the issues of your choice. With a coach, you will get the support you need to move forward and set personal and professional goals that put you on the path to create the life you desire and deserve. With coaching the assumption is always that you are capable of changing your life and with the help of a coach you can move past fear, change unhealthy relationships, get "unstuck," and create a clear vision for your life. You have the power to change your life!

What to expect from a coaching session

Each coaching session is 45-minutes and is centered around your goals for the week. Each sessions begins with reviewing your work from the previous week (be sure to do your lifework!) and each session ends with an additional assignment. Typical assignments include: journaling, reading, completing forms, collecting data on yourself and others, and documenting action steps. Expect to be loved, supported, held accountable, called higher, affirmed, challenged, seen, heard, and pushed to your limits.  Prepare for your life to change for the better!

Dr. Pinkney has truly been a God-send to my family. The lightbulb really came on [during my coaching session] tonight. I saw how things that impacted me as a teenager are controlling who I am today. The dots are connecting. I am grateful.
— Coaching Client Testimonial

is coaching different from counseling? 

Although life coaching and counseling can complement each other, life coaching is not therapy. In counseling, or therapy, the goal is often to explain behaviors, delve into your past, or identify pathology. Although coaches may slightly touch on issues of the past, our goal is to coach you to develop strategic actions to help you move forward and create the life you desire. Coaching is ACTION based. Although still a professional service, as coaches we aim to establish a more collegial relationship than might be found in traditional therapy. As your coach we work as a team in a less structured environment rather than setting up a “doctor-patient” relationship. We provide a distinct service that assists you in your goals for the future and create a new life path. 

how will coaching change my life? 

Working on yourself, clarifying your goals and purpose, and creating healthy relationships are paramount in living a full and healthy life. Previous clients have reported that working with a coach helped them improve their confidence, create healthy and reciprocal relationships, know how and when to leave toxic relationships, ask for what they wanted, and having a kinder relationship with themselves. Clients have also reported having a new clarity on life, relationships with others, and relationships with themselves. Coaching will open a new world of possibilities and you will tap into potential you didn't even know you had. With a coach on your team, you are prepared to run your race and to WIN!.