Lessons from the Storm

It is hurricane season and that really has me thinking about storms. Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria have effected all of our lives, directly or indirectly. It is important that we do not miss the lessons that storms can teach us. We experience storms in every area of our lives: mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual. These are times when the weather changes unexpectedly and our usual patterns of behavior are disrupted by circumstances beyond our control. God sends the storms to encourage growth. Storms are designed to do many important things in our lives. They teach us valuable lessons about ourselves, others, and the lives we have created. Here are a few important lessons that you can learn from your storms.

Storms Bring People Closer Together: Storms have a way of bringing families and communities together. When we know a storm is on the way we seek shelter. Our desire for safety makes us return to spaces we have designated as physically, and emotionally, safe. When a storm is coming, people who have been roaming, return home. Those who have been locked away in their rooms, come out and join the family. After the storm, we come together to assist those who need to rebuild. Storms bring us together. Storms send us home.

Storms Change our Behavior: It is amazing the ways that storms humble us into learning new patterns of behavior. Storms are so powerful that in order to survive them we have to adjust quickly. Storms cause people who are loud, to be quiet. They make those who are moving, be still. Those who are impatient, learn to wait. During the storm, we learn new skills.

Storms Teach Us About our Foundations: I once had my tarot cards read in New Orleans. The cards didn't look so good for me. The lady told me, "In New Orleans, we know a lot about storms. A storm is coming in your life but don't worry, this will be good. When a storm comes buildings that are not built well, will fall. Those that have good foundations, will continue to stand. This storm will cleanse your life of all that wasn't built well in the first place." Storms can teach us about our foundations. Marriages, friendships, and businesses that are not built on the right foundations will not weather the storm. "Fair-weather-friends" will leave us. Those who cannot stand the rain, will walk out. Things that we were trying to hold together, will crumble in our hands. Our focus should be on what, and who, remains. Those things and people who weather the storm with us offer proof of their dedication, allegiance, and strong foundation. The storm shows us who we are, and who those around us are.

Storms Offer Us an Opportunity to Discover New Strength and Skills: I have heard many couples say that their marriages did not become solid until they weathered a storm. The storm in their marriage opened the lines of communication, demanded that they begin to trust each other in new ways, and offered an opportunity for them to see their partner in a new light. In the storm, they learned to appreciate one another. When we are in a storm, survival of ourselves and those we love becomes paramount. There is no time for ego, selfishness, pettiness, and unforgiveness. In the storm, we learn to move beyond our limitations, and move toward the truth of who we are: love, light, and interconnected.

Storms Offer Perspective: Storms help us remember what is really important. When I was watching the news last week, I heard several people say "I am just glad I am okay and my family is safe." These people had just lost their homes and did not have flood insurance. They were experiencing major loss. However, in losing things that I am sure they valued before: clothes, houses, cars, pictures, they were able to gain a new perspective on what was most important: safety, family, well-being, and health. The storm helps us remember what really matters.

Let us not miss the lessons from the storms in our lives. Let us celebrate the storms for the growth opportunity they provide. If you are weathering a storm and need support as you "go through it" we'd love to partner with you. At B. Well, we believe that all that you need is within you...we just help you bring it out! Here's to a great week. Enjoy the weather!

Peace and Blessings,

Dr. Adrianne R. Pinkney, 
Integrative Wellness and Life Coach

Adrianne Pinkney

As an Integrative Wellness and Life coach I support clients in healing core issues and negative patterns while empowering them to change their life with effective tools, techniques, and specific action plans. Utilizing a combination of modalities, fields and techniques, or inclusive approaches to empowering, I offer clients the tools to self-heal, overcome and grow toward wholeness, harmony or balance in the entire person: mental, emotional physical, and spiritual. Successful clients gain freedom from the past and overcome habits and patterns that block fulfillment in all areas of their lives.