Dr. Adrianne R. Pinkney

Integrative Wellness & Life Coach

I am honored to the do the work God has called me to do!

Adrianne Pinkney is a graduate of three of Georgia's best universities. At Spelman College she studied Political Science and Women's Studies. She received her M.Ed from the University of Georgia in Social Studies Education with a certificate in Gender Studies. Then, she attended Emory University and completed her PhD in Educational Studies. Adrianne is a certified integrative wellness and life coach. She has additional certifications in cognitive behavioral health and counseling, yoga, and mindfulness training for professionals.  Adrianne loves ice cream, children, leafy vegetables, singing in the car, coaching, and doing what she wants. Adrianne lives in North Carolina and is an avid traveler. Learn more about her commitment to wellness:

My commitment to wellness first begins with myself. As a wellness coach I commit to demonstrating what is possible for my clients lives through the life I consciously create for myself. Prioritizing my physical, emotional, spiritual, and mental wellness positions me to support others in doing the same. I am honored to the do the work God has called me to do! B. Well!

my story

“In order to become whole we must try, in a long process, to discover our own personal truth, a truth that may cause pain before giving us a new sphere of freedom. If we choose instead to content ourselves with intellectual 'wisdom,' we will remain in the sphere of illusion and self-deception...Experience has taught us that we have only one enduring weapon in our struggle against mental illness: the emotional discovery and emotional acceptance of the truth in the individual and unique history of our childhood.” - Alice Miller

My journey toward wellness has been difficult. Growing up in a home that was broken through addiction, codependency, and the unhealed wounds of my parents, I emerged as a high-achieving codependent. I believed that my worth was in my ability to fix, rescue, and serve as a caregivers for others. Feeling the need to fix and save, I surrounded myself with toxic and dysfunctional people, allowed bad behavior from others, and showed up as if I had no needs. To those on the outside looking in, I was always okay. Focusing on others and "busy-ness" allowed me to avoid the deep pain that kept me up at night. When my insomnia and anxiety became unbearable, I sought help. It was my refusal to take Ambien, as prescribed by my doctor, that lead to my awakening. It was through counseling, meditation, reading, journaling, radical truth telling and my choice to stay awake that lead to my breakthrough. It was not easy but it was the most important decision of my life. Today, I have created an abundant life that I love!  Although my childhood experience was painful, I have learned to appreciate my gifts of emotional intelligence and introspection that have emerged as a result. I realize that each day my journey was preparing me to do this very important work: Coaching others in creating loving lives that work!